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The George, Parkholme Road

40 Parkholme Rd, London E8 3AG

Women on the Edge

Virginia O’Dwyer, Rebecca Wilson

Painting, Printing

Virginia and Rebecca are part of a women artists group ‘Women on the Edge’. They are sharing their current work on the E8 trail, consisting of contemporary paintings and prints inspired by pattern, shapes and colour.

Louise Loder

Silversmith and jeweller

Originally a hairdresser involved in fashion shows and photoshoots. I retrained as a silversmith, jeweller and metal artist, gaining a BA, MA and several awards from the Goldsmiths company and the Crafts Council.I set up my practise in 2005 after graduating. My original and applauded “Tools for building sandcastle sets” have informed my work and influenced my style of perfectly imperfect. I now make silver objects and jewellery as well as continuing with my hairdressing work.


Upcycled Clothing & Accessories

As a maker, I use my creativity and imagination to transform discarded materials into something beautiful and functional.

Each handmade upcycled bag was designed and made by me, they are all one-of-a-kind creations, and the process of making them is a true labour of love.

Whether I am using old denim jeans, vintage curtains, or faux leather scraps, the possibilities for upcycling for me are endless.

I pride myself on creating upcycled bags that are not only stylish and unique but also eco-friendly and sustainable.

Whenever I create my upcycled bags, I not only think of their uniqueness but also the fact that I am giving a new life to materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. Which contributes to the reduction of waste and helps protect our planet.

Emma Nisse

Textiles & print

I make homeware & gifty-things out of old textiles, mainly mid-20th century. I love the prints, and think they deserve an extra life, rather than design and produce yet more new stuff. I’ve also been experimenting with print and collage using ephemera from the same era so hopefully I’ll have some cards/artwork/stationery to display by then as well.

Veronica Esposito

Eco-Friendly 3D printed objects (Saturday only)

“Cosetta ” is a collection of 3D printed colourful objects, each with its unique identity, they are designed and printed in my East London home/studio.

It is an environmentally friendly project. The products are designed without additional elements of support for printing to minimise waste.

They are made of a special filament created from a blend of PLA (bioplastic) with organic compounds that allow the material to biodegrade far quicker than standard PLA.

Photos: Elektra Xyni.

Elizabeth Bone


I am a jewellery artist, educator and
author of Silversmithing for Jewellery Makers. For over thirty years I
have been creating jewellery from my London studio in precious metals.
My work explores the relationship between idea, material and process,
guided by order, balance and a modernist aesthetic. Each piece is
exquisitely hand crafted with the finest attention to detail and surface
finish, embodying a rare mixture of precision, timelessness and a strong
sculptural aesthetic.
I have recently shifted my focus to using waste materials to make
jewellery as well as pieces which sit at the intersection of sculpture
and jewellery. I have created a range of jewellery made from broken
hickory wood drumsticks saved from the drumming I do with Drum Works, a
music project based in East London that encourages social cohesion and
improves educational and aspirational outcomes for its participants. 10%
of every sale goes directly to Drum Works for their work with young
I have an absolute love of making and I enjoy inspiring others by
sharing my knowledge and my experience as a creative through my

Chanté James-Brown


Within my work I’ve experimented all the different ways I can express myself in the fashion world but Textiles is the only way I can truly love myself.

I love creating clothes that are up cycled from unwanted clothing and materials.

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