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Studio Forest

Paper based design

Studio Forest is going to be showing with Nicola Hepworth at 42 Lansdowne Drive, E8 3EG

After working as a commercial illustrator for many years I have now founded Studio Forest as an outlet for self initiated projects. Studio Forest produces practical paper based products printed in London using FSC certified paper +/or recycled paper, and working with printers who pay The Living Wage.

The first product is a set of greeting cards using the language of International Morse Code to spell out a single word on each card (Love, Hi, Bye, Best, Ta). The beautiful simplicity of Morse Code dots and dashes are perfect for a striking way to communicate with friends and family. A card is so much nicer than a text. Three cards are also available to order as a single poster print in two different sizes.

A second project aimed at chefs and home cooks will be released shortly