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Ben Kilburn


71 Greenwood Rd, E8 1NT

I am an architect and artist living in Hackney with my family. I work with tablet sketches, collage and acrylics. My art is abstract, inspired by observation of the world around us and a particular fascination with layers, edges and depth particularly in the juxtaposition of the urban and natural world, and a preoccupation with how this can be represented through form and colour. This inspiration comes both from my immediate environment here in Hackney, and from wider travels to far flung international destinations both for work and pleasure. My approach is deliberately free, allowing the work to progress quickly and for rapid experimentation, mistake-making, overlaying and exploration.

Some of the works relate to specific events or places, others are more ambiguous representations and all of them are intentionally open to multiple interpretations, inviting the viewer to engage emotionally with the work.

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